Who We Are

Peter Price Transportation is the most cost effective organization for delivering your goods to their final destination. As e-business and e-commerce continue to grow, the last leg of delivery, ending up at the consumer's home or business, has become more challenging. Since most consumers are away from home when deliveries are usually made, unattended delivery has become a significant issue among other delivery companies. Leaving a parcel unattended exposes the item(s) to weather, and to the increasing chance of theft by "porch pirates" (a person or persons who steal packages off of unsuspecting customers' porches or front door areas). Our staff is actively empowered to provide innovative and reliable supply-chain solutions and to resolve every challenge they encounter no matter how daunting. We are committed to the success of our customers’ businesses through a fervent dedication to service, diligence and quality assurance.

We are committed to excellence.

No other final destination delivery company shares our core company values!

"Peter Price Transportation was instrumental in the improvement of our deliveries to our customers and allowing our organization to expand into same day delivery services.

-- -- Mark Simmons